BIND 9.2 - deleting old names automatically

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Feb 27 16:15:59 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Berger" == Berger Harald <hotline at> writes:

    Berger> Bind 9.2 with DHCP 3.0 runs fine. DDNS also ok.

    Berger> Once the DHCP had done his entry in the zone file this
    Berger> entry would stay as long as the server will overwrite it
    Berger> by giving this address to another host.

    Berger> when i define a DHCP-Livetime of 4 days is it possible
    Berger> that the DHCP-Server deletes the DNS-Entry when the host
    Berger> "never comes back" ??

In software, anything is possible. Within reason obviously. In this
case the answer depends on what you mean by "never comes back". If a
client doesn't return a lease to the DHCP server, the server should
not assign that lease to another client. The server can't tell if the
first client is done with the lease or not. It has to know for sure
that the client has no further use for the lease and it can't do that
unless the client explicitly says so. Unless the client tells the DHCP
server it is going away, the server probably shouldn't delete or
update the DNS records for that client. If the client does say that it
is going away, it should be OK for the DHCP server to update the
DNS. How you'd do that depends on your DHCP server software, so you'd
be better to ask about that on an appropriate DHCP mailing list.

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