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Wed Feb 27 19:59:32 UTC 2002

graham.lake at trelleborg.com wrote:

> We are migrating users from one internal local DNS schema to an internal
> hierarchical company wide DNS schema. Where we are setting up DNS for the
> first time on a site we have no problem, but where we are migrating users
> from the local schema to the new schema we are having problems with
> resolving queries. This is the situation:

> We have two DNS servers set up on Linux using BIND 8.3.x; 'DNS1' is master
> for domain 'hghdns.xxx' (actual name!) on, 'DNS2' is master for
> domain 'hgh.tau.trelleborg.com' on The clients are WinNT or
> Win2k PCs, with the two IP addresses set in the DNS servers field; they do
> not have an entry in the domain name field, but they do have 'hghdns.xxx'
> in the Domain Suffix Search Order field.

> When DNS2 is started the clients cannot get queries resolved - I thought
> that the client would query one of the servers & if it didn't get an answer
> then it would query the other one, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
> Shouldn't this work?

> To try & overcome the problem we have set the 'forwarders' entry in DNS2
> named.conf to '' so that if DNS2 couldn't resolve a query it
> passed it to DNS1 for resolving: that worked OK with NT PCs, but not with
> Win2k PCs!

> DHCP is currently available on the site, but they are not using it at the
> moment to propagate the DNS server info.

> What is the best way to migrate the users from the 'hghdns.xxx' domain to
> the 'hgh.tau.trelleborg.com' domain without losing resolution of queries?

Use both !

Implementing internal roots will give the possibility to have 
both domains active at the same time.

And, of course the both domains you use could be present in both 
nameservers. ( if you are talking about dispersed organsisation in
many locations 2 nameservers in total is too low. I'd say at least one 
per-site, caching only could do.

> I look forward to receiving your advice.

> Thanks,
> Graham
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