Reverse DNS, Delegation, ISP not helping?

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Thu Feb 28 23:40:38 UTC 2002

> Hi,
>         We have a block of IP's (changed to protect the innocent):

	Please don't.  All you do is make it harder to give useful
	answers.  Now we have to guess about what has been done.


>         I set up a few PTR's for our block, and test them successfully
> locally (named 8.2.4-REL on FreeBSD 4.4-REL).
> 128   IN   PTR
> 129   IN   PTR
> 130   IN   PTR
> etc...
>        I email our ISP and ask them to delegate our block of IP's to
> our name server,  They say, "Ok, Done" the following
> morning.
>        I nslookup/dig using their NS - I can only reverse resolve
> - all others fail.  Several emails later, I'm given
> this final answer:
> "That's because it's the first IP in your block.  Any queries sent to
> any addresses in your block will resolve to whatever you have the
> first IP resolving to."
>      That doesn't sound right to me.  I'm not an expert on the
> subject, but I need to know that I'm right in thinking that they are
> wrong so that I can keep complaining to them.  First off - resolving
> 128 is pointless as it's not useable (Network ID).  I need to resolve
> a few real addresses.  Secondly, if they are correct, and I'm stuck
> with resolving all IP's to one name - it doesn't work.  When I tell
> them this - that only 128 is resolving, they tell me that I have
> something configured incorrectly.
>       So my question:  How do I argue with these people, or am I wrong
> in arguing - and if so, what do I have configured incorrectly?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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