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Chris Cox chris_cox at
Mon Jun 3 16:43:49 UTC 2002

Thomas Kiblin wrote:

> Hello,
> A rather Newbie question.
> Is it possible to configure my secondary server to just suck/pull any 
> domains on the primary?
> I'm looking for a way to not have to touch the secondary servers each time 
> I add a new domain to the primary, and would like the secondary server to 
> just pull any domains listed on the primary.
> I'm running on Linux with Bind 9.

Conversion of a master named.conf to a slave is pretty trivial (except
when the config is not trivial!).

sed -e 's/type master;/type slave;/' \
-e '/file .*/a\
         masters {\

This script assumes that zones are defined in your master similar
to this:

zone "" {
         type master;
         file "";

The above sed will alter a named.conf into a slave named.conf... at
least it is a start anyway.  Will some extra scripting... you should
be able to create one from your existing named.conf and then
you could simply push (via scp for example) the file to your slave
servers (and rndc restart them of course).

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