Totally new to DNS

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Jun 3 21:40:19 UTC 2002

Benjamin Howarth wrote:

> Hi everyone - I want to host a webpage from my computer using a domain name
> and a permanent internet connection. I can give people my IP address but
> this isn't very professional, especially since I'm running my own business
> from home. I've seen all over the internet programs and hosting to create
> subdomains to redirect to my IP address, but I don't want this - I want to
> find somewhere where I can get a DNS account (possibly free) where I can set
> up my own domain and point it to my IP address.
> Since I'm totally new to DNS (I only heard about it last week from a friend)
> I don't know what to do. Also, since I'm using Windows 98 and Personal Web
> Server 4 to run a server, I don't know what on earth to do. Any ideas,
> anyone?
> Ben Howarth
> P.S. Please don't throw any jargon at me with your first message - I won't
> understand it

The server that you use to serve up web pages really has nothing to do with how
your DNS is hosted or maintained.

A Google search for "self-serve+DNS" appears to produce some promising links...

- Kevin

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