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Tue Jun 4 07:10:13 UTC 2002

Benno <bfi at benno.dk_nospam> wrote:
> Hi there

> I'm just started to use bind 8.2.4 (formerly nt dns) on suse 8.0 because off
> some feature i need (zone forward)

I suggest the following :

- get "the book" ( managing dns and bind, 4-th ed, read and understand.
- use "vi" ( or your favorite editor ) to create the understanding
  of bind's behaviourand response to various configuration.
- stop using nslookup, learn dig

when the above is done, have a look at webmin, study the
interaction between the menues and what happens with named.conf etc.

> 1. Fist of all, how do i create a subdomain in my master zone
>     i use webmin ver. 0.970

> 2. When i use nt dns, and make a nslookup the dns server respond
>     with a name, on bind 8.2.4 i got the following message :
>     Can't find server name for address non-existent dom etc.
>     How do i configure that

> Thanx in adv.

> Regards

> Benno

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        IPSec  Sverige      ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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