no addrs found for root NS

Tan Chun Han/ITNOC/PBB/PBBG tanch at
Wed Jun 5 11:40:24 UTC 2002

I don't think there's a need to lookup on the root servers,
as all the our lookups are done by our forwarder (ISP's DNS)


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Bill Manning <bmanning at ISI.EDU> on 05/06/2002 07:03:37 PM

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% Dear all,
% Want to find out what causes the below error messages,
% we have disabled the nslookup to external root serves
% by remarking the root server IP addresses in the conf file.
% "svdns001 named[5682]: sysquery: no addrs found for root NS ()"
% and....anyway to disable the query to root servers?
% any comments/suggestions are appreciated.
% Thanks
% Tan Chun Han

     the error messages is caused by your "disabling
     nslookup".  Why do you do this?

     there are several ways to disable queries to the
     root servers. it is generally not useful to do so.

     again, why are you doing this?


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