Bind9.2.1 on WIN2K

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Jun 6 01:41:27 UTC 2002

At 02:28 PM 6/5/02, Bjorn Johansson wrote:
>Hi Danny,
>I have seen that you forwarded the error report.
>If the events in the event log are erroneous, how come Bind just closes

That's not exactly what I meant. See below.

>This happens every few hours.
>The last lines in the event log are as follows:
>accept: too many open file descriptors
>socket: too many open file descriptors

These messages are incorrect.  In fact the socket value returned are
larger than 16384 in the socket and accept call. In fact the number
of open sockets (file descriptors) is probably quite low. The problem
is the value itself. There are a number of arrays which use this value
as an index.  This has to be changed. The message should also
have said sockets and not file descriptors.

>socket.c:2220: fatal error:
>select() failed: Socket operation on non-socket
>exiting (due to fatal error in library)

This is a problem, but may be related to the previous messages. If the
socket gets closed but still gets added to the select arrays then you
are likely to see this error. Other people are reporting this error but
not the previous ones on the open file descriptors.

>The system has been running for quite a while prior to the 'upgrade' to
>Bind9.2.1. Previously we where running Bind8.2.x.
>There are other things running on the machine, such as web server etc.
>The name server running on the machine in question, is one of our least
>used name servers, hence it was the first to be 'upgraded'.


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