Caveats for moving bind from one server to another?

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What I have done in the past is to make the new nameserver a slave of
the old server and let the zone transfer automagically. This way you
can ensure that the new one is stable whilst keeping the old one
going. When everything seems OK then perform whatever the swap
entails (turning off the old box, swapping IP addresses, et al) and
make the minor config changes to turn your "new-old slave" into a

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Hello -

Just wanted to get feedback from you all about this.

We are replacing an older name server with a new box.  We are
planning to: stop bind, tar up all the zone files, move them to the
new server, then start bind there. We will assign IP addresses
appropriately, and move the bind config files.

Most of the zones are static, but a few are dynamic.

Has anyone done this recently with 9.2.1? Any snafus that you

Thanks in advance for the response.

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