some domains lookup succeed in 2nd try,why?

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Tue Jun 11 12:32:29 UTC 2002

> When querying some outside domain names (rare ones , i think
> , definitely not famous ones like , ...etc)
> , our DNS very often has this handicap:
> It failed the first time.
> But quite often when doing it a second time (immediately after
> the first failure) it succeeds.
> I suspected it might be due to a non update list of cache servers,
> so i did a "dig ns . " command to produce a new ""
> However, the same intermittent problem persists.
> What could be the possible reason behind this ?
> (We run mostly bind 4, but some bind 8 seems don't help either)

	BIND 4 and BIND 8 don't have query restart and depend upon
	the client requerying to get things going again.  Sometimes
	more restarts are required than there are queries made.

	Named has to restart when it has exhausted all the servers
	it knows about and has to go looking to the addresses of


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