alternative to NIC 2 (DynDNS, etc) services?

Brian C. Hill bchill at
Wed Jun 12 17:51:06 UTC 2002

        Ah, yes, but what if you are behind a linksys gateway and you
don't know what your external IP address is? I will have to cook up
something, I guess, to be able to fill in the IP_ADDRESS part of your

	Does your example just create a one-off glue record? That would
be fine, but I don't want my hand-maintained zone file being converted
to a half-hand/half-dynamic-managed file for just one dynamically
updated entry.  Do I need to set up one-host zone?


On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 07:12:08AM +0000, those who know me have no need of my name wrote:
> in comp.protocols.dns.bind i read:
> >	I have DSL with DHCP. I want to send updates to my own DNS
> >server (running on a fix IP address somewhere else). Has anyone cooked
> >this up using some home grown detection method and dynamic updates with
> >BIND? I assume that's what the free services, do, but I want to do it
> >myself.
> the free dynamic dns services typically don't use dynamic dns updates, they
> have a fairly standard protocol of their own.  using bind's dynamic dns is
> lots easier, and if you use tsig it's even safe.
> when your system obtains an ip address it probably invokes a script, so
> that stuff can be updated.  add to that script to use (signed) dynamic
> updates, e.g.,
>   # after all other changes are done ...
>   echo "
>     update delete $HOSTNAME in a
>     update add $HOSTNAME 300 in a $IP_ADDRESS
>   " | nsupdate -k /etc/named/Kfoo.+157.+1.private
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