RoundRobin DNS?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Jun 12 22:21:31 UTC 2002

Big deal. You could have a cron job do "health checks" and change the A
record via Dynamic Update.

The real issue here is that short TTLs are anti-social. That's why
responsible architects/admins don't implement such scripts. Unfortunately,
this reticence has opened up the door to a bunch of hucksters overcharging
for their "WSD" devices (or GSLB, or whatever the nom-de-jour happens to
be). I was hoping the dot-bomb phenomenon would have wiped out all of those
hucksters, but apparently even the big networking companies have jumped on
this bandwagon, so it's unlikely to die anytime soon. Sigh...

- Kevin

Dj Rocket wrote:

> Sorry, my response is not BIND oriented, but I believe the answer to
> your question is WSD's (web service directors).  This is what they do at
> sites like yahoo.  If your client is big enough, you might consider
> doing the same.  It not only does the load balancing for your web
> servers, but it also does health checks.  If the web server goes down,
> the WSD will not give out that ip address to the client.  Also, it
> doesn't do "blind" or random round-robin, it provides real load
> balancing.  Your DNS server would have an NS record pointing to the WSD.
> The WSD would have a bunch of A records pointing to the real
> servers........
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>         Ladies and Gents,
>             This is a first time I get a client big enough that needs
> this solution.  Imagine a scenario, that you have a web server that
> can't go down.  So you put it up at 2 different locations, say one in
> LA, other in NYC.  So if say the ISP in LA goes down, NYC should
> theoretically start getting requests for webhits.  That's what this
> client wants.  So how is this done, I'm not sure this is done with DNS
> at all, although its a possibility.  When I querry with
> nslookup, I get a few different ips. HOW IS THIS DONE?   Can someone
> please point me in the right direction?
>         THANKS A BUNCH
>         Regards,
>         Vasiliy Boulytchev
>         Colorado Information Technologies Inc.
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