Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Jun 12 23:14:28 UTC 2002

> anyone had problems with getting bstat to run ?

Yes, at various times.

> I have found two versions
> one with
>        -n don't look up names for IP addresses
> #       -t only report counts above <threshold>
> #       -u report which machines use this name server
> #       -z report who requested a zone transfer
> use Socket;
> And one with
> #       -z report who requested a zone transfer
> require 'sys/';
> This last one fails.

And the first one works?  Seems like a good reason to use the first one!

> When can I get the definitive version of bstat for Bind 8 stats from ????

Remember that on later versions of BIND 8, you'll need to turn on
host-statistics with

options {
    host-statistics yes;

to get the detailed stats you need in the stats file.


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