RoundRobin DNS?

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> On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 06:21:31PM -0400, Kevin Darcy wrote:
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> > Big deal. You could have a cron job do "health checks" and change the A
> > record via Dynamic Update.
> Easier to debug, that's for sure.
> > The real issue here is that short TTLs are anti-social. That's why
> > responsible architects/admins don't implement such scripts. Unfortunately,
> > this reticence has opened up the door to a bunch of hucksters overcharging
> > for their "WSD" devices (or GSLB, or whatever the nom-de-jour happens to
> > be). I was hoping the dot-bomb phenomenon would have wiped out all of those
> > hucksters, but apparently even the big networking companies have jumped on
> > this bandwagon, so it's unlikely to die anytime soon. Sigh...
> I'm not interested in arguing this, but instead would like to know what
> socially responsible architects/admins do. I've had a situation where a
> whole coast was unreachable, so the redundant datacenters (with the same
> provider) on the same coast were useless. 
> Do you use fixed IPs with long TTLs and rely on routing protocols?
> Something else? Do you just accept outages across regions?

	You have a multi-homed site and let the application workout
	which addresses it can reach and which it can't.  It's high
	time we stopped pandering to broken applications.  Multi-homed
	sites have existed for many years now.  Applications are
	*supposed* to try alternate addresses if the first one fails.

	You take a small delay if the first address is unreachable which
	should be a rare event.

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