Eliminating Authoritative Resource Records and Aditional Resource Records in DNS Responses

Mark_Andrews at isc.org Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Thu Jun 13 01:07:50 UTC 2002

> Hello everybody,
> Some days ago I posted a message about "truncated dns packets" and the
> way Novell Clients understands these kind of messages.
> The problem comes from the Authoritative Resource Records and the
> Aditional Resource Records, this information about the authorized DNS
> servers make the DNS packet too large.

	Well the answer can also be too large to fit.  You have a
	broken client.  You should request that they fix the client
	or refund your money.

> If the DNS packet exceeds 512 Bytes, then the TC (Truncated) Bit is
> marked, and the client retry in TCP Mode and the server send the
> message in a set of truncated packets.
> The problem will be close if we eliminate the Authoritative Resource
> Records and Aditional Resource Records.
> Is there any way to eliminate this type of records in DNS responses ??
> We are using Bind 9.1.2 and Bind 9.2.1
> Thanks in advance
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