looking for a working program to import zone files into a database

Pete Ehlke pde at ehlke.net
Fri Jun 14 00:08:49 UTC 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 04:35:39PM -0700, Frank Dziuba wrote:
>  I've been having pretty poor luck trying to find a program that would
> read the named.conf and then open each zone file and import them
> into a database.  Most don't seem to work properly with bind 8 because they
> aren't getting the sytax differences right, i.e. ';' was a comment before 
> and now '//' is a comment.
> Is there anything that can correctly parse and store the data in any kind of
> db? Ultimately I want to construct my own db manager but of course I have
> thousands of existing zone files to parse.
Take a look at zonetodb.c in the contrib/sdb directory of the bind9
source distribution. Parsing named.conf and feeding the results as
parameters to zonetodb is left as a fairly trivial exercise for the

Personally, I'd normalize all my zone files by running them through an
axfr before importing, but then I'm a paranoid kinda guy ;)


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