Port udp/1094 with BIND 9.2.1

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu
Fri Jun 14 19:16:04 UTC 2002

Bernhard Schmidt <bschmidt at cybernet-ag.net> wrote:
> Hi everyone,

> my freshly installed bind also listens on port udp/1094. I can't find
> any comments neither in the documentation nor in google-groups what this
> port is used for and how to disable it.

I think this is an open port used for queries from named, 
there is no point in closing it.

> BIND 9.2.1 on FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE, sockstat says:

> [...]
> bind     named      352    8 udp46  *:1094                *:*
> [...]

> How can I disable this? 
Stop named would be an easy way, maybe not compatible with running
a nameserver :-)

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