Requery on RR expiration automatically

John Morrison jmorrison at
Fri Jun 14 21:25:42 UTC 2002

> Sounds like it would be simpler to just fix the stub resolver instead.
> After all, I might remember things wrong but I was under the
> impression that stub resolvers don't do any caching, but rather just
> ask another name server which does the work?

Unfortunately the software is part of an "Off the shelf" mail package =
that cannot be fixed. The reason i call it a stub is because less the =
caching thats how its resolution process acts.

> Maybe you can arrange to slave the zones in question, if they aren't
> too many? But that still doesn't solve the underlying issue.

This would be up to a few hundred thousand.

Back to the matter at hand.
Is there any way to have bind requery expiring cached RRs automatically?

Or where should i look to programmatically implement this?

John Morrison

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