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Will Yardley usenet at
Sat Jun 15 09:49:32 UTC 2002

In article <aee8kt$r21$1 at>, gaius.petronius wrote:

> Apparently my DiG 9.2 doesn't like the way doc calls it
> Is there a better version of doc?
> i'm not going to downgrade my DiG for this
>  doc-2.1.4]# doc -v -p
> Invalid option: -
> Usage:  dig [@global-server] [domain] [q-type] [q-class] {q-opt}
>         {global-d-opt} host [@local-server] {local-d-opt}
>         [ host [@local-server] {local-d-opt} [...]]
> Use "dig -h" (or "dig -h | more") for complete list of options
> Abort: This program requires DiG Version-8.x to run.

there's a different version of doc for BIND 9.
i believe you want Doc-2.2.3 (or something in 2.2.x).

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