where do "denied recursion for query" messages go?

Benzi Mizrahi vsbenzi at weizmann.ac.il
Tue Jun 18 17:13:58 UTC 2002


 I have migrated from bind 8.3.1 to bind 9.2.x
 on both named.conf I have the following statements:

    logging {
    channel "log_security" {
            file "/var/log/named-security.log" versions 3 size 1m;
            severity info;
            print-time yes;
    category security { "log_security";};
   options {
           allow-recursion { localhost;

 everything works fine, recursion queries from clients not on the
 above networks, were denied and hunderds of messages
 of the following nature:

  named-security.log.0:17-May-2002 13:53:10.692 denied recursion for
  query from [].1083 for gifs.msn.co.il IN

 were logged in the log files of bind 8.3.1.
 As I said our current namservers run bind 9.2.1 with the same
 config lines shown above.
 My question is: where do "denied recursion for query" messages go
 in bind 9.2.x?


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