FYI -- nslookup

Andrew Flagg andyf at
Wed Jun 19 02:35:08 UTC 2002

this is pretty cool. the nslookup command on XP pro... using the ls -d.... 

i just can't figure out how to show PTR records for reverse DNS info. type=PTR doesn't work.

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pretty cool.. the command called "ls" is cool. it gets all the data right now.. no need to set and use the type command.


> server
Default Server:

> ls -d
[]                     SOA
(2000206162 43200 7200 3600 3600)                     NS                     NS                     MX     10                     A
 webster                        A
 www                            A                     SOA
(2000206162 43200 7200 3600 3600)

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