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Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Thu Jun 20 06:23:08 UTC 2002

> I need to migrate my domain name to a a new one.
> I've got forward resolves working fine on the new domain and now need to migr
> ate the reverse lookups.
> I'm running dhcp and named has a .journal file.
> Before I screw everything up is there a place I can go to find out more about
>  this?
> I'm concerned about a few things.
> #1 - Can I manually edit the reverse zone files without screwing up the journ
> al?

	You don't.  You use nsupdate to enter the changes.

> #2 - If I modify /etc/dhcpd.conf it will (probably) start putting entries in 
> the reverse and forward files with the new domain name
> but not delete the old domain name

	You should ask this is a dhcp list.

> #3 - Updating the serial# of my rndc managed config files

	This does not make sence.  Once a zone is being updated
	dynamically why do you care what the serial number is
	provided it is monotonically increasing.

> Anybody have any guidance on this?
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