DNS Entries with Port numbers

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Jun 20 20:23:35 UTC 2002

Bruce Embrey wrote:

> Hi:
> I have not found any documentation that specifies whether or not you can
> associate a DNS record to a port #. For instance I have a webserver that
> runs on port 7000, is it possible to do something like this:
> voyager.hood.edu:7000           IN      A
> Is this possible or will I need to enter http://voyager.hood.edu:7000 to
> reach it?

Is there a "edu:7000" top-level domain (TLD)? Nope. It shouldn't be necessary
to "document" this fact, since anyone can check it with a simple lookup.

The only way for DNS to tell a client to use a non-standard port number is via
the SRV record type. But this is only a *theoretical* solution: no known
browsers grok SRV yet, so for now you're out of luck.

- Kevin

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