BIND 9.2.1 for NT crashes with "assertion failure"

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Jun 21 00:55:18 UTC 2002

At 07:48 PM 6/20/02, Stanley Liu wrote:
>I am running BIND 9.2.1 for NT.  Named crashes fairly regularly (every 4 
>to 5 days):
>Jun 21 06:41:52.917 socket.c:1567: INSIST(!sock->pending_recv) failed
>Jun 21 06:41:52.947 exiting (due to assertion failure)
>Can anyone share some thoughts with me please?  Thanks.
>Stanley Liu
>stanley.liu at

There is no code that corresponds to the INSIST line in 9.2.1.  It does
correspond to an INSIST line in 9.2.0.  Are you sure you are running
9.2.1?  It could be that you have mixed versions.  If BIND it telling you that
it is running 9.2.1 in the application event log, please uninstall using the
BINDInstall program and selecting the Uninstall button.  Then exit and
run BINDInstall to reinstall the program.


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