reverse lookups for 192.168 network not working

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Jun 21 21:25:03 UTC 2002

hugo wrote:

> Hi
> I have set up DNS on a Linux RedHat 7.3 server running bind-9.2.0-8. I
> also set up a private network The DNS server is also
> the gateway for that domain, i.e it has a presence in that domain.
> I can do name lookups on that domain as long as I supply the full domain
> name of the computer I want to look up, e.g. if I supply
> "" as the name for which to look up the IP
> address it works, but not if I supply "ono" by itself.
> However, I cannot do reverse lookups at all - nor with "dig -x" nor with
> nslookup. When I do this for an IP, e.g. I get an address
> somewhere else - presumably for a private domain to which (wrongly)
> access from outside is possible.
> As far as I can see I have set up all my DNS files correctly, including
> the named.conf file. Can anyone tell me what I should do to:
> 1. Enable reverse lookups for computers in the domain?

(256 bits of netmask? That's even beyond the capability of IPv6!).

If you use private address ranges like 192.168/16, and you use DNS, then
you *must* set up the relevant reverse domain(s) in DNS. The rest of the
Internet doesn't want or need your bogus queries.

> 2. Enable lookups by computer name only (without domain extension).

That's not a nameserver function; it's a resolver function. Check out the
"domain" directive for /etc/resolv.conf. Or, better yet, educate your users
to use only fully-qualified names.

- Kevin

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