Strange iteration issue.

William Stacey [MVP] staceyw at
Fri Jun 21 22:17:44 UTC 2002

> i think you'll see that many people do overlook it in an attempt to help,
> as i did.  but a list or group that is focused on ms dns is far more
> to have the requisite knowledge than one(s) focused on isc bind.
Actually, I live there.  Doing the FAQ for the ng now.  Many of the
questions and issues are the same as those posted here.  So even if someone
over "there" is talking about a BIND server, I try to answer the question if
it is an answer that may be right for either implementation.  Even if its
not, I help anyway because its' DNS I care about, not who makes the server.
Most of the resolvers out there are MS clients with a BIND server.  So in
the end we still can't live in a BIND box and need to be a bit more flexible
IMO (flame away) :-)

> groups and lists exist for these more general discussions.  they occur
> as well, but in general it is better done where expected, i.e.,
> comp.protocols.dns.ops is (supposed to be) focused on dns operations in
> general (it's a dead group, the majority of these discussion actually
> place on the bogus group and
> comp.protocols.dns.std is focused on dns standards.
Exactly.  I have tried these groups, but like you said, they are dead or
bogus.  This group and the ms dns group is about it.

> another post hints that this may not be the case, in that they were able
> perform the query, though it's not clear to me if an ms dns server was
> as the resolver.
I did more research and the problem is two fold.  One is the misconfig on
the ns record pointing to a CNAME.  Also, most here will be happy to know
that it is also a problem with MS's DNS.  The server (for some reason) does
not reject the reply and query for the next NS record as BIND correctly
does.  Had I not crossed the divide and also tested with a BIND server, I
would not have found this (well maybe, but this was easier.)    I trying to
get the server team on this.  Thanks again.

William Stacey, MCSE
Windows Server MVP

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