Newbie question regarding "Lame Server Errors".

Scott Statland scott at
Sun Jun 23 02:53:56 UTC 2002

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First please allow me to apologize if this question has already been
answered. If so then please point me to where or to a FAQ regarding this
I am currently running bind 9 on a RH Linux box. 
For the most part all seems to be running well, however with some sites
that I try to browse while surfing the net ( not my own.. ) , I am
consistently getting DNS errors show up on my browser screen. When I
look in the log I see lame server errors. I looked up the meaning of the
error and it states that a server that is delegated to authorative for
the domain is not responding accordingly, or something to that effect.
That is perfectly understood. However that does not answer my question.
I have taken a test machine to another location that is controlled by a
different DNS and the url's resolve properly. I then bring the test
machine back and my DNS will not resolve the url's.
One url in question is Fails every time. However resolves properly. They are both served by the
same DNS and have plenty of traffic so I do not believe that the problem
is on their end. I am completely lost as to understanding what is
different in the url's. I also noticed that this happens when people
click on banner ads I get the same error in the log. 
If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

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