BIND 9.2.1 for NT crashes with "assertion failure"

Stanley Liu stanley.liu at
Mon Jun 24 01:03:35 UTC 2002


> At 09:31 PM 6/20/02, Stanley Liu wrote:
> >Dig returns "9.2.1" (note: my server is on an internal network).  As I
> >the binary straight from NT download, is this the definitive guide to
what I
> >am running?  Please advise.
> The only place that guarantees the version being run on the machine is
> what's logged in the application event log when named starts up. Usually
> digging for version.bind returns you the correct version information,
> you have added a version statement in the options section of named.conf.
> I'm aware that you are running this on an internal network.

I have checked the application event log and it says "starting BIND 9.2.1".
I think I am running 9.2.1.

> I'd advise a reinstall. You could also take a look at libisc.dll and make
> that it's date is the same as all of the other dll's like libdns.dll.

I have checked the dates of libisc.dll, libdns.dll, libisccc.dll and
libisccfg.dll, they all have the same date (24/11/01) and similar times
(23:09 and 23:06).

To recap:

BIND for NT crashes regularly (every 4 to 5 days) with "assertion failure":

Jun 21 06:41:52.917 socket.c:1567: INSIST(!sock->pending_recv) failed
Jun 21 06:41:52.947 exiting (due to assertion failure)

I have checked the version:

1.  Dig reports version.bind.           0S CHAOS TXT    "9.2.1"
2.  application event log says "starting BIND 9.2.1"
3.  libisc.dll has the same date and similar time as the other dll's
(24/11/01 23:06)

I will do a reinstall as advised.

Thanks for your help.

Stanley Liu
stanley.liu at

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