BIND 9.2.1 for NT crashes with "assertion failure"

Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Jun 24 03:09:00 UTC 2002

At 09:03 PM 6/23/02, Stanley Liu wrote:
>I have checked the dates of libisc.dll, libdns.dll, libisccc.dll and
>libisccfg.dll, they all have the same date (24/11/01) and similar times
>(23:09 and 23:06).

These are BIND 9.2.0 dates, so you are mixing binaries.

>To recap:
>1.  Dig reports version.bind.           0S CHAOS TXT    "9.2.1"
>2.  application event log says "starting BIND 9.2.1"
>3.  libisc.dll has the same date and similar time as the other dll's
>(24/11/01 23:06)

Binaries are completely rebuilt each time, so the DLL's should
have the same dates as the .EXE files. Where are the DLL's and
where are the .EXE files?

The builds will be changed in the near future to add version information
to the DLL's so you can see them through the properties tab.

>I will do a reinstall as advised.

Please do.


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