[newbie] named.conf file not in /etc

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 25 00:42:51 UTC 2002

Alan Shiers wrote:
> Basically all I'm trying to do is make it possible for people to find my
> web site.  I have a domain name registered with Internic.ca. In my
> account there I am required to provide a Primary and Secondary DNS name
> and IP combination.
> I figured it wasn't enough just to set up Apache. I can cetainly type in
> the IP address in my browser and look at my site, but no one is going to
> want to do that.  I need some way to resolve the IP with my registered
> domain name.  That is why I thought I would need to run BIND as well as
> Apache. Am I not right in this assumption?

Well running your own name server is one way, another might be
to get someone else to host the DNS part. Most ISPs will set up
the DNS for a zone you own for a minimal fee.

Some sites will even host your DNS free of charge - although you
get corresponding guarantees normally.

Your Linux box definitely has a static IP address?

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