option forward first: sysquery: no addrs found for root

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Tue Jun 25 11:10:33 UTC 2002

Hello out there, 

I know, there have been a lot of mails about this topic  
already, but I could not get rid of it so I decided to 
post my problem here: 

Our nameserver (bind 8.3.1 on a linux box) forwards 
dns-queries which are outside our zone to our ISPs  
nameservers. In case they are not available I want my DNS to  
query the root-nameservers to continue operation. For that  
reason I used "forward first" and not "forward only" in the  
options settings of named.conf. 

After starting named I get permanently the warning 
sysquery: no addrs found for root NS (M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET) 
for every root-dns in the root.hints file. 

According to the list-archive this is caused by the "forward  
first" option and I found a suggestion to leave away the  
root.hints file.  
Doing so, the warning mentioned above is gone indeed - but  
instead there is another one: 
info: sysquery: nlookup error on ? 

I tried if the warnings are caused by the firewall, but  
behaviour is the same with the firewall all open... 

Has someone an idea how I have to configure my DNS so that it  
is really correct (means: no warnings in the log:-) 

Here comes part of our named.conf: 
options { 
   directory "/var/named";             
   forward first;        
   forwarders {;; 
zone "." in {  
   type hint; 
   file "root.hints"; 
zone "localhost" {      
   type master; 
   file "localhost"; 
zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa" { 
   type master; 
   file "127.0.0"; 

Thanks for your help, 


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