8.3.2 'make install' problem

David Michaels michaedi at email.uc.edu
Thu Jun 27 21:16:23 UTC 2002

bit-bucket at maney.org wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've run across a problem with 'make install' for bind-8.3.2.
> Here's the scenario:
> We currently have multiple HPUX machines acting as DNS servers. These
> machines need to be upgraded/replaced. We are going to be using several
> new HPUX 11.0 machines in their place. The new machines do not have
> compilers on them. We are using another HPUX 11.0 machine that does
> have compilers on it (B.11.01.06 HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle and
> B11.01.06 HP aC++ Compiler S800) to build BIND 8.3.2. The intent being
> to do all the compiling there and then simply tarring the whole mess up,
> moving it over to the new DNS machines, untarring and running 'make
> install'.
> Unfortunately, after faithfully following all of the steps in the
> INSTALL document up to the 'make install', then tarring the whole
> thing up and moving it to the target machine, the 'make install'
> dies a spectacular death.
> I've tried building 8.3.2 on a Solaris 8 machine with the same results,
> so I started looking into the makefiles to trace the problem. The
> problem is that 'make install' doesn't just do the little things of
> making directories, copying files and creating links like you'd expect.
> It actually calls the compiler.
> I admit that I haven't looked too hard, but I didn't see this
> answered anyplace on the net.
> So, my questions are:
> 1. has anyone else run into this problem? and if so, have they found
>    a work around that did not require rewriting all the makefiles?
> 2. why was this makefile configuration used in the first place?
> fpsm
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What are the errors you are getting from make ?? I've never had trouble
on Solaris 8, but I use gcc

You might have less trouble if you compile the new version of bind.

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