Minimun value for TTL

Oswaldo Cuervo oswaldo_cuervo at
Fri Jun 28 17:58:09 UTC 2002


Yes, i will never do any damage to another nameserver, the domain is an 
intern one, and the only ones which ask for it, are PC's on my own domain, 
any other  external nameserver will never ask for it.

We're developing a contigency plan, where the name server shuold report the 
address of the production server, so when the contigency were declared, 
change it to report the address of the production backup server, but during 
the tests some of those PC's and another internal nameserver keep the 
production server address in their records so they need to be restart and 
ask again to use the backup one.
what were're trying to do is to make it transparent for the users and 

How is the configuration for declare the value of ten minutes?

i understand that to configure a 2 days is "TTL 2d" how is it for the ten 

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From: Kevin Darcy <kcd at>
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Subject: Re: Minimun value for TTL
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:09:52 -0400

Oswaldo Cuervo wrote:

 > Hi list.
 > Wich is the minimum value for TTL record, all of my domains have a 2d 
 > for TTL.
 > Can i configure a value of ten minutes or at least 30 minutes?

Yes, but it will increase the traffic to your nameservers and the workload 
everybody else's nameserver that tries to resolve names in your domain(s).
Going to 10 minutes or less is somewhat anti-social and should only be done
during a transition.

- Kevin

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