reverse zone using generate produced 500M image

Sorkin, David (David) DSORKIN at
Sun Jun 30 08:28:07 UTC 2002


I upgraded today to 8.3.3 from 8.2.3 to addresses security issues. I also configured bind to run chrooted and as a non-privileged user. This worked out but the upgrade broke a piece of in house code which I did not write that we use for reverse zone auto generation. The program is supposed to take queries like: ptr

and produce a response like

> It would also do the inverse process for the forward zone.
> Anyway, after the upgrade I started seeing thousands and thousands of entries like:
30-Jun-2002 07:37:39.144 wrong ans. name (. !=
30-Jun-2002 07:37:39.156 invalid RR type 'PTR' in authority section (name = '') from [].53
30-Jun-2002 07:37:39.164 invalid RR type 'NS' in additional section (name = '') from [].53

I'd like to try to solve this problem without more coding so just to see what would happen I tried using the generate directive to create PTR records for 82 B class networks. It used up nearly 500 Mb of RAM. This is not going to be workable and wildcard PTR records aren't an option either. (also I can't get rid of split DNS).

I was hoping that someone could tell me how they've dealt with this problem elsewhere.

> Thanks in advance,
> David Sorkin <dsorkin at>

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