Unable to build BIND 8.3.1 on Solaris?

Michael Kjorling michael at kjorling.com
Tue Mar 12 14:48:43 UTC 2002

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Do you have the development tools (particularily make in this case)

Michael Kjörling

On Mar 11 2002 21:26 -0500, John Heiden wrote:

> I have buildt pre 8.3 versions of BIND before, and usually not
> had any problems.
> However, I am now trying to build 8.3.1 for a brand new
> Solaris (SPARC) server.  I am unable to get it to build.
> I have (I thought) followed the directions to the letter, yet
> no dice.
> When I run ./configure --with-pam it goes fine.
> Here's what I get when it starts to die during ./buildpkg.sh
> # ./buildpkg.sh
> Faking root install...
> ./buildpkg.sh: make: not found
> Building pkginfo file...
> Building prototype file...
> Building package..
> ## Building pkgmap from package prototype file.
> ## Processing pkginfo file.
> pkgmk: ERROR: parameter <VERSION> cannot be null
> ## Packaging was not successful.
> pkgtrans: ERROR: unable to complete package transfer
>     - no packages were selected from
> </home/jheiden/ssh/openssh-3.1p1/contrib/solaris>
> Any help is *GREATLY* appreciated.
> My boss seemed to think I could set the server up, add all the needed
> utils,
> patch it, make it secure, and have BIND up and running in a few hours.
> At this point, I'm a bit under the gun due to this.  =-(
> Again, thank you much for any help you might be able to provide!
> John Heiden
> Network Engineer
> The University of Toledo
> Toledo,  OH  43606
> jheiden2 at pop3.utoledo.edu

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