Good practices multiple A RR ?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 1 01:58:22 UTC 2002

> I just wanted to know if it was a good practice to have multiple
> "A" ressources records for one IP address, for example:
> ns1.domain.tld
> www.domain.tld
> ftp.domain.tld
> Is that alright ? Or should I use CNAMEs instead ? When should I decide
> if a use a "A" RR or a "CNAME" RR for a name ?

It's not all right to use a CNAME record for ns1.domain.tld if that
domain name ever appears in the RDATA of an NS record.  It's also
not all right for a domain name like mail.domain.tld if that domain name
appears in the RDATA of an MX record.

It should be fine for domain names like ftp.domain.tld or www.domain.tld,


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