how to list ALL zones of my master server

Iñaki Martínez sysadmin at
Tue Oct 1 10:27:38 UTC 2002


 First of all, thank everybody for all responses......

> The problem being addressed is not one of zone transfer.  It is one of
> adding and deleting zone definitions on the slave servers when zones
> are added and deleted on the master server.

 You are right!!!

> It seems to me that the administrator(s) of the master server and the
> administrator(s) of the slave servers have to have a procedure
> detailing the notification for zone additions and zone deletions.
> When I agree to have one of my DNS servers be the slave server for
> someone else's domain, I expect the admin of the master to inform me
> when the zone is deleted or when the master IP address has changed.
> I also have the responsibility to check the logs for any errors
> associated with the zone I am slaving, and to report those errors to
> the admin of the master.

 You are right again......

 but the problem is that the master has 3 administrators and what it is
worst several domain (zones) are created using a web panel, so no
administrator can inform the slave dns administrator.....

 So, i have created a script to check named.conf to see if it has been
modify, so send the zones to the slave server to re-generate its

 Thanks all of you!!!!!!

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