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> Francesco Moi wrote:
> > Hello.
> >
> > First of all, perhaps this is not the right newsgroup to post this,
> > and I must apologize for it.
> >
> > I want to find a whois service in order to search any domain with
> > as their DNS server.
> >
> > I mean, each domain has its own DNS server to manage it, and I would
> > like to find all the domains with a specific DNS server:
> >
> >
> > Do you know any service?
> There's no quick and easy way to do this. If you could demonstrate a
> legitimate need, I suppose the .com operators might allow you to have
> copy of the zone file. But it's multiple gigabytes in size.

In addition, I think you would need more than the .com zone file if you
want to know all the NS RR with RDATA of ""...  I
think you may need considerably more that the .com name server to find
that information, if that is what the OP is asking for... which I think
it is.


> Can you demonstrate a legitimate need? What it is that you're trying
> do, would it be worth the time and effort?
> - Kevin

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