how to list ALL zones of my master server

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Oct 2 13:19:59 UTC 2002

At 07:52 AM 10/2/02, Mark Damrose wrote:
>"Danny Mayer" <mayer at> wrote in message
>news:andua6$7b9c$1 at
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> > I wasn't being very clear myself. NOTIFY can't tell you into which view
> > you need to place the slave zone, so how do you add it into named.conf
> > and what masters should you list for it?
>Pre-configured or default to the master from which you recieve the NOTIFY.
>  You can create a standard name
> > for the zone file. The hardest part of this is figuring out were to add it
> > in the named.conf to put it into the correct view.
>The master is pre-defined on the slave.  It must already belong to a
>particular view.  The new zone would go into the same view.

You didn't think that one through.  The zone is not pre-defined so there is
no master. The NOTIFYING server could be a master for all views, or you
may have multiple different masters in each zone of each view. The
NOTIFYING master may be new, so the slave doesn't even know that it
exists before receiving the notify.


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