Replace Primary DNS Server

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Oct 2 20:44:53 UTC 2002

> I am trying to replace my primary DNS server. I want to run BIND
> version 8 on Linux 7.2 on the new server. My existing server is
> running HP-UX, BIND 4. When I remove the old server from the network
> and place the new server on it, it will resolve all names for my
> domain but will not resolve any names from other domains. I put the
> old server back in place and all is well. I changed the IP and the
> name of the new server, connected it to the network and it now
> resolves names from anywhere. There was no change in the BIND
> configuration. Can anyone offer any help?

Is it possible your firewall only allows queries sent from port 53?
BIND 8 name servers send queries from high-numbered ports, by
default.  To revert to the old behavior, you can add:

query-source address * port 53;

to your options substatement.


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