Problem with forward zone and recursion

Luis Muñoz lem at
Thu Oct 3 15:42:25 UTC 2002

Thanks for your answer Mark.

At 2:50 PM -0500 10/1/02, Mark Damrose wrote:
>Feature.  Forwarding is only done when the query is recursive.

Hmm. I did not know this.

>The next question is: Why are name servers sending you iterative queries?
>If they are configured to forward to you, they should be sending you
>recursive queries.  If your server is delegated authority for this zone
>(named in an NS record in the domain or the parent), you should be a slave.

The situation is a bit different. I have a BIND name server, where the
actual forward declarations are configured. This server is authoritative
for a number of zones, however the actual zone data is in
another, non-BIND server.

We're using the forward declaration to tell the BIND server to forward the
queries to the real name servers. Moving the zone data to the BIND server
is not an option, as this data is derived in real time from various

Is there any way to have the BIND server forward all question, recursive or
not, to another server without changing the NS records of each zone?

Thanks in advance.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
$_[$_]=0 for 0..7;my$i;
for my$a(grep{s@^00@@}unpack'B8'x28,join'',map{chr}split/\*+/,q{61*31*28*
=0;grep{$_[$i++].=$_}split //,$a;length$_[0]==8&&print pack'B8',$_ for at _;

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