NOTIFY-triggered Auto-slaving (was Re: how to list ALL zones of my master server)

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Oct 3 23:16:12 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Damrose <mdamrose at> writes:

    Kevin> True, but so what? This mechanism would in no way impede
    Kevin> the intended function of NOTIFY.
    >>  Oh yeah? How do you figure that out?

    Mark> The intended function of NOTIFY <QUOTE RFC1996> Abstract

    Mark>    This memo describes the NOTIFY opcode for DNS, by which a
    Mark> master server advises a set of slave servers that the
    Mark> master's data has been changed and that a query should be
    Mark> initiated to discover the new data.  </QUOTE>

    Mark> A new zone is a change, just as much as the contents of an
    Mark> existing zone.

However it is not a change that the designers of RFC1996 intended to
be covered by the NOTIFY protocol. Read Mark Andrews's recent posting
about how the development of RFC1996 unfolded. He should know as he
was involved in that process IIUC. The handling of metadata was just
too hard.

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