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Doug Barton DougB at
Fri Oct 4 16:28:10 UTC 2002

On 4 Oct 2002, david doherty wrote:

> thanks for the help. I will take a look at the configuration of my
> /jail again. It is bugging me as trussing the process does not give me
> a great deal of information as to why the user 'named' cannot be
> found.

Umm... didn't Mark already answer this question? You don't have the right
password files in /jail/etc. While opinions differ on this point, I think
most of us feel that rather than using chroot /blah named, you're better
off using named -t /blah. That way, you don't have to duplicate your
entire operating system under /blah. You just need to copy the things
named needs to see after it's chroot'ed itself. For bind 8 that's:


For your convenience, you probably also want /blah/var/run, and you should
have directories for your master and slave zones, etc. For bind 9 you also
need a /blah/dev/random. My chroot tree looks like this:


That's it (minus the zone files of course). I actually feel that it's a
lot more secure to keep the binaries OUT of the chroot area. That way
there is even less for the attacker to compromise.



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