update forwarding denied

Cricket Liu cricket at menandmice.com
Fri Oct 4 21:06:18 UTC 2002

> I am seeing messages like this one in the syslog of one of our BIND
> 9.2,1 servers:
>      Oct  2 20:34:34 thor.ctd.anl.gov named[301]:
>        [ID 866145 daemon.error] client
>        update forwarding denied
> I have been unable to determine what this message means.  I do not see
> the message on Cricket's site
>      http://www.menandmice.com/docs/named_messages.htm
> and I cannot seem to find the message in the BIND 9.2.1 source.
> The IP address 
> translates to
>      rf1.cuis.edu
> and cuis.edu is a slave zone on this DNS server.  Can anyone help?
> Thanks.

That message means that your slave name server received a dynamic
update, which it normally would have forwarded to its master name
server for the zone.  However, it didn't because either you didn't
have an allow-update-forwarding substatement in the corresponding
zone statement or the allow-update-forwarding substatement didn't
allow forwarding updates from that IP address.


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