Forwarding troubles...

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Oct 5 01:42:24 UTC 2002

Ian Farrer wrote:

> This may be a big hole in my understanding of forwarders, but...
> I'm trying to set up some secure DNS servers that only serve their local
> dbs, and forward everything else to a couple of internet facing servers.
> According to DNS and bind, I just add:
> forwarders { x.x.x.x; y.y.y.y; };
> To the 'options' section of named.conf, and all should be fine. But it
> doesn't even try to send out a request. I just get a 'Non existent host/
> domain' reply. A 'snoop' shows that it hasn't sent a request. Any ideas?
> I'm running the *patched* version of named 8.2.somesuuch which comes with
> Solaris 8.

Do you have recursion disabled on the box that should be forwarding?

Is the queried name in a zone for which that box is authoritative? It'll
never forward for those.

- Kevin

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