Announce - Unix-Conf-Bind8-0.3, Unix-Conf-0.2

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sat Oct 5 02:40:56 UTC 2002

At 11:13 PM 10/3/02, Karthik Krishnamurthy wrote:

>Unix-Conf-Bind8-0.3 and Unix-Conf-0.2 have been uploaded on CPAN. You can
>also get them from
>Unix-Conf-Bind8 is a group of classes for manipulating a Bind8
>configuration file and associated zone records. It preserves as much of
>the original file as possible including comments made between directives,
>unchanged directives.
>Revision history for Perl extension Unix::Conf::Bind8.
>0.2  Mon Aug  5 23:23:27 2002
>     - First release
>     - Too many bugfixes, improvements and additions to document here
>       completely. 0.02 is useless for all practical purposes. 0.03 is
>       almost a complete rewrite.
>     - New parser that handles intra directive comments correctly.
>     - Added support for controls, key, server, trustedkeys. This adds
>       complete support for Bind-8.2.3.

You shouldn't be bothering with BIND 8.2.3. It's full of security holes.
If you are going to support BIND 8, you should be supporting BIND 8.3.3.
You really need to do this for BIND 9.2.1 and not bother with BIND 8
at all.


>     - Added tests.
>Unix-Conf is a group of classes offering I/O (with locking and caching),
>error handling facilities used by Unix-Conf-Bind8 and is intended to be
>used by other modules under Unix::Conf.
>Revision history for Perl extension Unix::Conf
>0.1  Mon Aug  5 22:23:17 2002
>     - First release
>     - ConfIO now accepts already open filehandles.
>       That part needs more testing though.
>     - lineno () can take -1 as argument too. - Added
>NOTE: I have been having problems getting Unix-Conf-Bind8-0.3 to work
>correctly on perl-5.8.0. It works correctly on perl-5.6.0,5.6.1 though.

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