install woes... files not being copied to correct dir's

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Sun Oct 6 01:06:21 UTC 2002

> Hi,
> I downloaded the latest bind release and just want to do a vanilla install
> so followed the default instructions of:
> ../configure
> make
> make install
> everything seems to go ok, no obvious errors... trouble is non of the
> binaries or config files are copied/created in the usual locations. Like
> /etc/named.conf is missing and named and rndc are no where to be seen.
> I checked in ../bind-9.2.1/bin/ and in the named, rndc dir's the binaries
> are there and seem to work ok.
> Is there something I missed on the install, or need to append to ./configure
> to get this working or have a screwed up some other place?
> I am running a RH 7.3 machine.
> Thanks,
> Scott

	You have to create named.conf yourself.

	Did you bother to read README:

       "make install" will install "named" and the various BIND 9 libraries.
        By default, installation is into /usr/local, but this can be changed
        with the "--prefix" option when running "configure".

        You may specify the option "--sysconfdir" to set the directory 
        where configuration files like "named.conf" go by default,
        and "--localstatedir" to set the default parent directory
        of "run/".   For backwards compatibility with BIND 8,
        --sysconfdir defaults to "/etc" and --localstatedir defaults to
        "/var" if no --prefix option is given.  If there is a --prefix
        option, sysconfdir defaults to "$prefix/etc" and localstatedir
        defaults to "$prefix/var".

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