Command for delete records A and PTR

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 8 19:25:17 UTC 2002

> I'need to clean from db.forward and db.reverse (into BIND 8.2.3.) more old
> that was assigned from some DHCP-server that are down.
> I need to know if possible to delete a specified record both db.forward
> db.reverse by a unknow command for BIND 8.2.3 ad later.
> Can you help me ?

There's no command to do specifically this in BIND, but you could
do it with nsupdate, for example.  Say you wanted to delete A records

$ nsupdate
> update delete A
> send

And then you wanted to delete PTR records for

> update delete A
> send

This assumes, of course, that your name servers permit you to
update the foo.example and zones from
wherever you run nsupdate.


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