ORGIN Whats the use?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 8 21:19:50 UTC 2002

> Both work. but in different ways:
> >True, but shouldn't I create a new zone file for this subdomain?
> >
> > zone "" IN {
> >   type master;
> >   file "";
> > };
> >
> But this make a independant " domain". it is not a
> subdomain anymore. you define everything in If it
> will work or not depends on if has been registered in
> some internet domain name registrar, i.e., if this domain name is valid
> domain name.

It's actually an independent zone, not domain.  And, assuming you run, whether it works or not depends on whether you correctly
add the records to to delegate, as
well as the correct records to to make it a zone
(i.e., an SOA record and one or more NS records).

> > > $ORIGIN
> > > hello       IN  A   ip address
> This works in the way of  " subdomain". is the parent of
> you don't need register  the subdomain name.

In this case, is part of the zone.


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