multiple domains

Paul Guba paulguba at
Wed Oct 9 16:00:24 UTC 2002

Well here is what I am trying to do.  I have a internal Bind set up for 
my small network.  It works fine.  I serve a couple of websites various 
domains they are handled by out side name servers refering to my IP 
address.  I can however only connect to one domain.

thegeek.waterwitch.thecolo (
                 1       ; Serial
                 3h      ; refresh after 3 hours
                 1h      ; retry after 1 hour
                 1w      ; expire after 1 week
                 1h )    ; Negative caching TTL of 1 hour
;Name servers
;Addresses for canonical names
;       IN A            IN A        IN A     IN A                       IN A           IN A           IN A
;aliases    IN CNAME        IN CNAME

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